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Saturday, 25th May 2024

Warrior Princess Sevie

I wrote this short novel as a 12th birthday present for my partner's daughter, Severine. It's an adventure set in Bali, about a young girl who leads her family and villagers to fight off monkey men invaders. Feel free to download and share with any young people. Cheers Steve PS Ignore the "Buy" button below. It's free, but I...
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Tuesday, 09th May 2023

Taking a break

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. Sorry about the lack of posts. I'm taking a break while I learn to write fiction. It might take quite a while, perhaps forever. Hopefully, I'll finish before I become like my friend in the picture. Watch this space ;-) Cheers, Steve.
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Thursday, 17th November 2022

Mental: Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know about Mental Health

Mental is a book I co-wrote with Catherine Deveny. The book went into a second, updated edition, as well as being published in the UK with changes specific to the NHS, and in China with changes specific to the Chinese health system. The details are in the 'Books' section of the website. Here is the blurb from the publisher's website...
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Thursday, th May 2021

Life on the Couch - The Conversation

Life on the Couch was a monthly column I wrote for The Conversation with the catch-phrase - shining a psychological light on people, culture and society. The Conversation is a unique collaboration between academics and journalists, and is the world’s leading publisher of research-based news and analysis. The articles can be found here, or on this website. My bio on The...
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Monday, 06th April 2020

Health Care Workers & COVID – What should we tell our families?

As Health Carer Workers (HCWs) we are anxious about spreading the infection to our families and the people we live with. On top of that, our friends & families are worried about us because we face an increased risk. It is an important time to have conversations that explore the risks and share decision making. Here are some tips to...
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Monday, 30th March 2020

Managing Anxiety & Stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

The majority of this article was written by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention in the USA (CDC). Links and phone numbers have been adapted for Australia, and some information has been changed to adapt to Australian circumstances. Stress and Coping The outbreak of COronaVIrus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) will be stressful for most people. Fear and anxiety about the...
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Thursday, 26th March 2020

COVID-19 Survival Guide – Key things to know in case you get sick

This is a quick guide to the essential health info you need for preventing, preparing for, and having COVID-19. There are many resources online, especially at the Australian Health Department Coronavirus info page. Below is a quick & basic summary. Prepare yourself Stay fit – eat, sleep, exercise Give up or cut back on smoking now (get nicotine replacement from...
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Monday, th June 2018

Sydney Morning Herald article addressing suicide - Bourdain, Spade: questions remain, but this much is certain

Published 10 June, 2018 - In the last week we’ve witnessed the deaths by suicide of two high-profile figures – Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Both seemed to have the world at their feet – loved, supported, sought-after, wealthy and admired. Both deaths came as a complete shock to those who knew them best. How can two famous people,...
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Friday, th November 2016

Should we all get regular mental health check-ups?

An article from the Nine Coach site where I comment on the issue of regular mental health check ups and whether we should all get them (spoiler alert - No!).
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Monday, 17th October 2016

Man Up: inspired genius or half-baked celebrity expertise?

Man Up is a three-part ABC documentary exploring whether the stereotype of the emotionally-stunted, stoic Aussie man is contributing to our high rate of male suicide. It’s done from the perspective of a quintessential Aussie bloke – Gus Worland – one of three male co-hosts on the Grill Team, a Sydney morning radio show that’s more blokey than football, meat...
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