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Monday, 06th May 2024

Cancer Mind Care - a website to support people with cancer

This is a website I co-developed with my team at Peter Mac with the goal of  exploring ways to look after your mind when you are affected by cancer. The Cancer Mind Care self-help online platform was developed and launched in 2021. It provides Australia’s first ‘one-stop-shop’ for tailored mental health support for people with cancer, their support persons, clinicians...
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Thursday, 18th May 2023

Evaluation of consultation liaison psychiatry in Australian public hospitals

Flavel MJ, Holmes A, Ellen S, Khanna R Abstract Objective This study aimed to determine whether consultation liaison psychiatric service (CLS) staffing within Australian public hospitals meet national and international minimum staffing standards. Method Semi structured interviews were conducted with CLS Directors across Australia from August to December 2021. Data were collected on demographics, staffing, funding, hospital size and admissions....
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Thursday, 18th May 2023

The psychological and wellbeing impacts of quarantine on frontline workers during COVID-19 and beyond

Our research on the impact of quarantine on frontline workers #research #covid #quarantine Abstract Objective: The current study investigated the experiences, wellbeing impacts, and coping strategies of frontline workers who participated in Hotels for Heroes, an Australian voluntary hotel quarantine program during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was open to those who were COVID-19 positive or exposed to COVID-19...
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Wednesday, 06th May 2020

Shrink The Virus Podcast

Shrink The Virus was a weekly podcast hosted by two psychiatrists, Steve Ellen and Rob Sezler, that explored the psychology of everyday life during the pandemic. It has finished now (along with the pandemic, thankfully!), but all 26 episodes remain on all the usual podcast services. Shrink The Virus was brought to you by Melbourne independent community media organisation Triple R....
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Monday, 01st May 2017

Psychosocial Interventions for End-of-Life Care: An Invited Commentary

Maria Ftanou, Michaela C Pascoe,and Steve Ellen Abstract: End-of-life care impacts on emotional, physical, spiritual, and social wellbeing for both the individual and their family. Despite remarkable medical advances in the field, the empirical evidence regarding the development and effectivenesscacy of psychosocial interventions at end-of-life care is lagging behind. A number of psychosocial interventions are promising and represent important progress in the field. Psychologists have...
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Saturday, 07th November 2015

Perioperative Medicine for the Junior Clinician - The Patient with psychiatric problems.

Interested in the psych management of patients in the perioperative period - check out this chapter James Olver and I wrote: Ellen S, Olver J  The patient with psychiatric problems In: Perioperative Medicine for the Junior Clinician. Eds Symons J, Myles P, Mehra R, Ball C. Wiley Blackwell, 2015. Here's a link to the book:
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Thursday, 09th July 2015

Mental Health side effects of medications - Case studies of Mental Health in General Practice (Chinese General Practice)

This article was written on request for the journal of Chinese General Practice - it's a brief introduction to the topic of medication induced psychiatric side effects - here is the full reference: Ellen S, Fehily S, Yang H, Selzer S, Blashki G. Mental Health side effects of medications - Case studies of Mental Health in General Practice. Chinese General...
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Thursday, 04th June 2015

Twelve tips for performing well in vivas

Selzer, R; Ellen, S; Rotstein, L; Roseby, R Medical Teacher, 2015, Vol.37(5), p.428-432 The viva examination is a common method of assessment in medical education. It is, in essence a performance given by candidates to examiners, and as such, candidates would be well advised to optimize their performance. Knowledge and skills are essential to passing the viva, but they alone...
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Saturday, 14th February 2015

Teaching psychological processes & psychotherapy to medical students

Rob Selzer, Bob Adler and I outline some potentially useful strategies to help clinicians teach aspects of psychotherapy to students: making it easy and relevant, illustrating the broad applications of psychological concepts, introducing cultural references, as well as appreciating that assessment can drive learning. Australasian Psychiatry 2015, Vol 23(1) 69-71  
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Wednesday, 10th December 2014

Three Years After Black Saturday: Long-term psychosocial adjustment of burns patients as a result of a major bushfire.

Pfitzer, B., Katona, L. J., Lee, S. J., O'Donnell, M., Cleland, H., Wasiak, J., & Ellen, S. Journal of Burn Care and Research. 2014 Dec 10. 2014 Abstract Despite increasing evidence that burn injuries can result in multiple psychological sequelae, little is known about the long-term psychosocial adjustment to burns sustained in a major bushfire. The aim of the present...
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