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Writs & Cures on ABC Melbourne Radio - Steve Ellen & Bill O'Shea

Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Writs & Cures was a weekly one-hour radio show featured on ABC Melbourne Evenings hosted by Lindy Burns with myself and Bill O'Shea as co-hosts. Bill is a prominent Melbourne lawyer with a CV as long as your arm.

The show tackled the latest in both health and the law - a tall ask! Each show featured the 'soapbox' segment for the first thirty minutes where either Bill or I would rant about some issue we felt was important, whilst Lindy tried to keep us in line. The second half was an interview with a prominent lawyer or health professional.

The show commenced in around 2012 and ran for the better part of eight years. In the latter years David Astle took over as host, and Bill and I shared the co-hosting duties with Katie Miller and Dr Nick Carr.

Here is the ABC Melbourne website

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