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Data collection in consultation-liaison psychiatry: an evaluation of Casemix.

Wednesday, 01st March 2006
Australasian Psychiatry. 14(1):43-5, 2006 Mar.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the usefulness of Casemix as a data collection system for consultation-liaison psychiatry services. METHOD: Health information staff were requested to code psychiatric assessments and diagnosis prospectively for admissions to the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, between July 2002 and June 2004 using Casemix. RESULTS: Psychiatric assessments were requested on 2.5% of all hospital admissions (n = 2575). Casemix provided extensive demographic and hospital unit data for referred patients, is easy to set up, and is cost-free for the psychiatry service. CONCLUSIONS: Casemix can provide extensive meaningful data for consultation-liaison psychiatry services that could assist in the argument for greater funding of these services.