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Writs & Cures - Using the immune system to fight cancer

Tuesday, th February 2018

In this edition of Writs and Cures you will meet Professor Joe Trapani, the director of cancer research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Whilst cancer is still the leading cause of illness in our community, the last 50 years have seen dramatic improvements in survival rates and new frontiers in treatment that offer more hope than ever. Professor Trapani is an international leader in immunotherapy ��� one of the newest research advances. He joins Writs and Cures to explain how science and medicine are starting to harness the body���s own immune system to fight cancer.

Plus in Soapbox the team explore the legal implications of being a partner. There has been a lot of discussion recently on what is meant by a partner ��� it can be a business partner or a domestic partner. What does our law say regarding the legal meaning of ���partner��� and ���domestic partner���? Is it risky being a partner? If so, why? And what exactly is a ���domestic partner���? Are domestic partners required to live under the same roof?