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Writs & Cures: Defamation law and advanced care planning

Tuesday, 05th December 2017

In this edition of Writs and Cures you will meet one of Australia's leading lawyers: Peter Bartlett. Peter's legal practice involves providing around-the-clock pre-publication advice to mainstream and online media, advising corporate and government clients on reputational issues or managing threats of litigation from some of the best lawyers in the country. You will hear about how the law of defamation works and the traps for those who take it on lightly.

Plus, the team take a look at advance care plans. The term advanced care planning is new to most of us, yet health workers and governments are asking us all to consider it. Advanced Care Planning refers to planning your future health care in case you are ever too unwell to communicate your wishes and beliefs. It's asking us to think about what we want when we are unable to consent to medical treatment like where we will be and what care we receive.