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Radiotherapy on Triple R - Dr DoLittle

Thursday, 22nd November 2018

Radiotherapy is the longest running community radio show in the universe (or so we claim!) dedicated to all things health, medicine and well-being - curing Saturday night hangovers every Sunday morning since March 1996!

The show was started by my good friend, Dr Mal Practice, who still appears regularly on Sunday mornings. Mal invited me to join the show sometime in the 2000's and I stayed until around 2022. I think my total was about 16 years.

I appeared under the pseudonym, Dr DoLittle, and after about five years of finding my feet as a panellist, I became one of the rotating hosts which invovled organising, producing and appearing on air. The experience was amazing. The RRR staff and community is unparallelled in terms of support and community reach, and the experience of interviewing and hearing experts talk from all fields of health care was enlightening. I loved every minute and it was with a heavy heart that I quit when I moved to Bali. My heartfelt thanks go to the whole RRR staff, volunteers and listeners.

The RRR website is here.

There are hundreds of podcasts of various shows - you can find them here.

I've left a selection of a few of the shows on my website just to give you a taste.