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Sunday, 01st January 2006

Psychotropic Medication in General Practice

Ellen SR, Norman TR Book chapter in: Common Problems in General Practice Psychiatry Eds: Blashki G, Judd F. Piterman L. McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd 2006.
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Friday, 01st January 1999

Secondary mania in patients with HIV infection

Ellen SR, Judd FK, Mijch AM, Cockram A. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 1999; 33:353-360.
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Friday, 01st January 1999

Secondary mania in patients with HIV infection: are antiretrovirals protective?.

Mijch AM; Judd FK; Lyketsos CG; Ellen S; Cockram A. Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences. 11(4):475-80, 1999. Abstract: A case-control study of 19 patients with HIV-associated mania and 57 HIV-seropositive control patients matched by CD4 cell count, age, and year of treatment was undertaken to investigate associations with risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, treatment, and disease....
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Thursday, 01st January 1998

Panic in Australia.

Burrows GD, Norman TR, Ellen SR, Maguire KP, Judd FJ. European Psychiatry. 1998;13 (Suppl 2):71s - 74s.
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Monday, 03rd November 1997

Benzodiazepines in anxiety disorders: managing therapeutics and dependence.

Norman TR; Ellen SR; Burrows GD. Medical Journal of Australia. 167(9):490-5, 1997 Nov 3.
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Thursday, 02nd January 1997

Assessing depression and anxiety in primary care

Medical Journal of Australia, 1997; 167: 328-333. R Ellen, Trevor R Norman and Graham D Burrows A general practitioner who sees 40 patients a day can expect that eight will require support or treatment for anxiety of depression - and that's not counting those whose disorders go unrecognised.
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Wednesday, 01st January 1997

Benzodiazepines in anxiety - managing therapeutics and dependence

Trevor R Norman, Steven R Ellen and Graham D Burrows   The use of benzodiazepines in anxiety disorders must be careful and limited, so as to avoid producing dependence.
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Monday, 18th July 1994

The use of alternative therapies by children with cancer.

Ellen S; Burrows GD. Medical Journal of Australia. 161(2):170-1, 1994 Jul 18. [Comment. Letter]
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Tuesday, 01st December 1992

Buspirone and fluoxetine in the treatment of OCD.

Judd F; Ellen S; Norman T. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 26(4):684-6, 1992 Dec. [Case Reports. Letter]
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