Anxiety Disorders

This is an overview of all the anxiety disorders and how to assess and plan treatment. It is meant for clinicians – usually GPs or medical students. Like all of my talks – the slides are a guide and I talk about each in more detail.

Hypochondriasis & health anxiety disorder

This is a talk I give to general clinicians about the problems with the concept of hypochondriasis, and the plans to re-classify it as health anxiety disorder (which is in the latest classification systems – this talk is from early 2014) and the anticipated benefits to treatment and research.

Overview of mental illness

These are the slides I use as background to give an overview of mental illness – there are lots, but in the symposium I flick between different parts, or just ignore the slides and answer questions.

Assessing suicide risk

This is a talk I give to clinicians raising the challenges and providing a framework for assessing risk in someone who has tried to harm themselves.


Delirium is a common and often missed problem in general hospitals. This talk addresses diagnosis, investigation and key issues for hospital staff. It is aimed at medical students and junior clinicians.